Lightroom: Apply Presets To Multiple Photos? (round 2)

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A couple days ago, I posted: How To Apply Presets To Multiple Photos?. and at the end of the post I mentioned, that if anybody knew of a better, please let me know.

Joel Robertson’s of told me of a much better way. It’s not done in the Develop module but in the Library module.

  1. In the Library module > Grid view, select all the photos to apply the preset.
  2. In the right panel, select the Quick Develop

Lightroom: Quick Develop

Lightroom: Quick Develop

Select the correct preset from drop down and click on it. It can be a very long list, so you may want to rename your presets so that the most often used presets are at the beginning of the list.

Lightroom: Select the Preset to Apply

Lightroom: Select the Preset to Apply

Done! You see how much simpler it can be if you bend your mind into the Adobe’s way of thinking.