Lightroom: Applying A Camera Profile To Many Photos

category: Lightroom • 2 min read

Adobe did major upgrades to the processing of raw files with the 2012(current) process. Adobe also changed/updated many of the camera profiles. Lately, I’ve been processing a whole bunch of older photos from Lightroom 1.x and Lightroom 2.x. Many of them were in the DNG format. Lightroom imported most of them under the 2012(current) process. But Lightroom used the Adobe Standard camera profile instead of the Camera Standard which I prefer.

The Camera Profile is Abode’s attempt at making the image look as close as possible as if the photo was processed by the camera manufacturer’s own processing software. For the “big ones” that are popular ie Canon and Nikon, they’ve done an excellent job.

So how to apply the Camera Standard to all the imported photos in the batch? In the Develop module, I couldn’t apply it to all the selected photos. Lightroom was doing to only to one photo at the time. 300+ photos, I would have gone nuts!

My Solution

  1. Copy the setting Calibration while in the Develop module.
  2. Switch to the Grid view of the Library module.
  3. Select all the photos to apply the setting to.
  4. Press Ctrl-Shift-V for Windows or Cmd-Shift-V for a Mac. The Settings menu doesn’t exist in the Library module but the functionality is there through the keystroke.

There are other ways such as AutoSync, the Previous button in the Develop module… The problem is the baggage that comes with the other functions. There are other settings like different white balance, cropping… and I don’t want those copied. I wanted to copy only the Camera Profile.