Sheena: Vancouver, Downtown Eastside, BC

sheena was an abandoned cat

Sheena was an Abandoned Cat

Sheena is an indoor cat who hasn’t been socialized and cannot survive outside. But her previous owner abandoned her in an alley on the Vancouver Downtown Eastside.

Sheena doesn’t know how to find food or drink… She wasn’t close to starvation and dehydration when somebody found her behind the garbage dumpsters. It took quite a few days to get her back to …

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Tabby: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

A curious gray tabby checking the world

A curious gray tabby checking the world

Many cats, especially when they are scared, like being on people’s shoulders. They feel safe because they are higher and protected by the person.

Actually, I use that position regularly with cats that “refuse to cooperate”. They don’t have the choice, they have to cooperate, they always will check what’s happening around and what’s when I “get” my photos …

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17 Years Old: West Vancouver, BC

A 17 years old dog and still going for the daily walks

A 17 years old dog and still going for the daily walks

This dog is 17 years old dog and she still goes for a daily walks!

Actually, it’s more of a slow stroll with frequent sniffs rather than a walk. A stop here, a sniff there but the walk is the walk. Every day, rain or shine, she goes on the walk. She doesn’t seem to have …

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Another Rambo: Vancouver — Downtown Eastside

Here's another dog called Rambo

Here’s another dog called Rambo.

I know of at least four dogs called Rambo and all four dogs were named after the Sylvester Stallone’s movie filmed in Hope, BC.

BTW, two of the owners are men and the other two owners are women.

This Rambo is half Pit Bull and half Jack Russell. He has the head and the body of a Pit Bull but he has the legs of a Jack Russell.

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Pug at the Beach

pug at the beach

Pug at the Beach

Frank is not very active, just like his owner that was sitting on a log and drinking her coffee. It was a cold May. Only a few dogs went in the water. Frank wasn’t one of them…

Nowadays, pugs are very popular dogs. They are small, they do well in apartments, they not high activity dogs and have good personalities. Pugs were very popular dogs …

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Guarding The House: Vancouver, BC

guarding the house: vancouver, bc

Dogs Guarding The House

These 2 dogs were laying on the stairs. When they saw me coming, they lifted their heads.

The moment I stopped and started taking photos, they went into guard mode.

They were not aggressive. Yet! A couple of steps closer to the house and they would have. Look at the intensity in their eyes, especially the dog on the left. It’s a very clear warning …

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My Dog with His Wings!

dog with ears straight out

My Dog With His Ears Straight Out

This is my dog, Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte). He’s a half Basset Hound, half Australian Shepherd, and half Corgi. Dodoïte has wings!

Most dogs when they are puzzled and try to understand, do the head tilt, it’s so cute. Not my dog. Instead, when he’s puzzled, he sticks his ears straight out horizontally, just like a radar system.

In fact …

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Questions Not To Ask A Photographer

Recently, I was asked by a potential customer one of the “worst” question she could ask:

Which camera are you using?

anonymous (2019)

It’s like asking a mechanism which wrench does he use? Or asking a painter which brush size does he use?

As a photographer that deals with living people and animals, I have to deal with two main things:

  1. Light
  2. Moment

The Light

I can control the …

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