Fujifilm: Quick Operations

Fujifilm cameras like X-PRO2, the X-T20 and the X-T2 have a whole bunch of shortcuts. In the computer lingo, they would be called macros, they provide direct access to menu items without having to go through the menu system.

Function Keys

  • To see where the Fn buttons are located and what is assigned to each of function key, press and hold the DISP/BACK button.
  • Press and hold any …
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Blue: An Older Beagle: Vancouver, BC

Blue an older beagle

Blue an older beagle

Blue is an older beagle. She’s a very interesting character. Her name Blue is because it’s the preferred colour of his owner. She has all kind of blue things, including a blue car, some blue flowers…

Normally, Beagles howl. They howl because it’s a sound that carries very well in the thick of the forest. Beagle howl to let us know that they …

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Just Strolling By Herself: Vancouver, BC

Black Labrador

Black Labrador strolling by herself

This black Labrador was walking all by himself. Not really by herself, but I didn’t see her owner. Her owner must have been there. This dog was too calm and just strolling by herself.

If her owner was far away at the front, she would be rushing. Maybe her owner should behind around the corner.


Camera: Pentax K20D ISO 200 and 1/1000 …

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The New Nikon Z6 & Z7

Everybody and their dog is reviewing the new Nikon mirrorless cameras, the Z6 and the Z7. The main problem is that very few people have seen one, let alone used one.

31-Aug-2018: Google search:
nikon z6 review
About 650,000 results (0.59 seconds)
— Google

Very few people have received it, definitely not 650,000 people. So people look at some the technical specs and decide if this is a …

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Always Herself, Whistler, BC

Dog being herself

Dog being herself

Whenever I point my camera “into somebody’s face” people become afraid. It’s almost like pointing a weapon at them. They always ask themselves:

  • How do I look?
  • How’s my clothes?
  • I never look good in photos…
  • Why is he taking a photo of me?
  • Is this legal?
  • What he is going to do with these photos?

Dogs don’t care.

  • Dogs do not pretend …
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Young Girl and Terrier Mix: Vancouver, BC

She was waiting with her grandmother to go for a bike ride

This 5 or 6 years old girl was waiting for her grandmother to go for a bike ride. The grandmother told me that it was some Terrier mix with a Maltese but I wasn’t paying attention, I was too busy making the photographs.

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Young Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

This French bulldog (aka Frenchie) looks quite old, but when I spoke with his owner, she said he was only 4 years old. His muzzle started to become grey when he was only a year old.

Young Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

Young Frenchie: Vancouver, BC

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The Boss: Vancouver, BC

The boss: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Boss

In the doggy world, there’s always a boss. Whenever a person comes near and interact, the dog will reevaluate: who’s the boss? Whenever another dog comes near and interact, the dog will reevaluate: who’s the boss?

What’s the job of the boss?

  • The boss must make the decision of where to go
  • The boss must make the decision of when to go
  • The boss …
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What’s Happening? Vancouver, BC

What’s Happening? Vancouver, BC

What’s Happening? Vancouver, BC

This white Bulldog is asking herself: “Why is this guy on the ground with that ‘monster eye’ (that’s the camera) looking at her?”

Most English Bulldogs are very nice dogs. She wonders if I’m going to give her the attention she deserves? Yes, I did, because just after this photo, I gave her owner a treat that she immediately gobbled.

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Who’s Running With Who?

Dog running with man on roller-blades

Dog v. Roller Blades

Some people run with their dog and some dogs run with their owner. In this case, it’s clearly the dog that is running and the guy is trying to keep up on his roller blades. They were both going quite fast and it looked like the dog was pulling him as he was trying to keep up with his dog.

I was focusing on the …

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Walking on the Leash: Vancouver, BC

walking the dog

Walking with a Dog

There’s a big difference between a dog walking on a leash and heeling.

Heeling is a very specific exercise. It’s walking with the dog close to the handler’s left leg and the head turned toward the handler. It’s not walking, it’s hard work for a dog and for the handler.

Dogs need to sniff around during the walk. It’s to …

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