Lucky: Vancouver Downtown Eastside, BC

small terrified yorkie being dressed up with a tux

Small Terrified Yorkie Being Dressed Up With A Tuxedo Jacket

Joseph is dressing up Lucky in a tuxedo. Joseph’s daughter, who lives in Chicago, made the costume.

Lucky got his name because he was abandoned. He was picked up by some “shelter” and was just a couple of days from being “killed” because he was deemed as “un-adoptable”, so Joseph called him Lucky.

Lucky is scared of his own …

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Koko, the Yorkie: West Vancouver

yorkie looking like an ewok

Yorkie Looking Like An Ewok

Koko is a very interesting dog. Koko is confident, sure of himself and his place into the world. He’s not bossy and he doesn’t like to be bossed around. He’s already 6 years old and so far he’s had a very good life.

Koko reminds me of the Ewoks in Star Wars — the Return of the Jedi. He may be five …

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Kallie: Vancouver — Downtown Eastside

old female pitbull

old female pitbull

Kallie was already an older Pit Bull when she was rescued from a shelter.

She is very polite. She does not provoke people nor dogs. She doesn’t look at anybody in the eyes nor any other animal. She walks around people or other dogs.

She even “sacrificed” herself to eat my treats.

Most Pit Bulls are very high energy and they need a lot of exercise …

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Milo Runs & Runs: Vancouver, BC

chocoloate labador retriever chasing after the ball

Lab chasing after the ball

Milo runs and he runs. He prefers chasing balls to anything else, even to its food or treats.

He will skip his meal and any treat to chase a ball. It’s not a specific ball, it’s any ball. Somehow he has no interest in Frisbees or sticks. He’s only interested in balls.

He will run way past the point of exhaustion, so …

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Oggo Poggo: Vancouver, BC

dog on the left: Oggo, dog on the right: Poggo

Dog on the left: Oggo. Dog on the right: Poggo

The dog on the left is called Oggo and the dog on the right is called Poggo or they are called Occo Pocco.

I’m not sure. Their owner was a small Chinese man with a very strong accent and a very, very soft voice. I asked a couple of times for the names because I couldn’t understand so …

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The Eyes: Vancouver, BC

brindle pitbull with bright blue eyes

Brindle Pitbull with bright blue eyes

Nobody noticed me, except for this dog. He heard the click from the camera.

He immediately turned his head. I love the piercing eyes.

There must be some Husky in this Pitbull. Historically people disliked and now avoid dogs with blue eyes because they think that it’s a sign of trouble of future health problems, especially in the off-springs.

Actually, it’s not …

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Rambo: Vancouver Beach, BC

rambo posing at the beach

Rambo Posing At The Beach

Rambo, the name, has come to represent a strong protective person with a good heart. Somehow, it has crossed into the dog world where many dogs, such as Bulldogs and Pitbulls, are named Rambo. I know at least 4 dogs that are named Rambo, even dogs owned by women. It’s even more popular in the military where Rambo is the most popular name for …

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Old English Setter: Ambleside Park, West Vancouver, BC

older english setter walking

Older English Setter walking

Old English Setters are quite unusual in my neck the woods. They look like a mix between a setter and a dalmatian.

Talk about stubborn.

English Setters are known to be stubborn and this one is no exception. Once he stopped, he refused to start again his walk. His owner pulled and pulled until he had to yank to get him to start walking again.

This …

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