Super Woman

This woman photographer is amazing! She must be from the planet Krypton.

She’s an older person (I would guess in her late 50s, early 60s) and she carries a 1DMk4 with a 600mm f/4. She makes her photos HAND-HELD. That’s 24Lbs/11Kg at the end of her extended arm.

That day, the light was not the greatest, it was grey, low contrast and very cloudy. Either she’s super-woman or she uses ISO 100,000. Look at the arch of her back…

Just holding such a big and heavy rig at the end of the arm is hard enough for me. That’s why I mostly use either a tripod or at least my monopod. And it’s usually set to be 2½ feet tall. I wear a single carpenter knee pad on my right knee and I kneel down, just like Tim Tebow but I was doing it long before he started to play football. It’s to be closer to the ground and have a different perspective than 98% of the other photographers.

BTW, she’s just holding, at arm length, the lens up without even taking photos.

Super woman

Super Woman

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Improve the Autofocus

  1. Only use the mechanical shutter (MS). The camera will NOT do AF-C with the electronic shutter enable. The camera (X-PRO2, X-T2, X-T1, X-T10) does not focus between each shot when the electronic shutter is enabled.
  2. Set the High Performance Mode to ON. The High Performance Mode is part of the Power Management Settings. The CPU will run at full speed but will decrease the battery life by about 20%.
  3. Turn of the Face …
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Dock Jumper: Vancouver, BC

Artie (I think that’s the way it’s spelled, but I didn’t ask for the exact spelling) loves to jump in the water and catch the rope. He carries his rope everywhere.

His favorite competition is the toss. It’s almost like a narrow swimming pool, His owner throws the rope to the middle of the pool and Artie has to run from the back of the dock/swimming pool, jump in the water and while jumping in the water, he has to catch the rope before he touches the water.

Artie is a mix of a Labrador, a Portuguese Water Dog and something else, but his owner’s not too sure, but at these paws. Huge and webbed… You can compare them to his friend the Blue Healer.

Artie is a Dock Jumper

Artie is a Dock Jumper

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The Leader of the Pack: Vancouver, BC

This Golden Retriever is the ‘brain of the operation’. He’s leading the way. All the other cyclists follow him, and he’s taking his job very seriously.

What makes this photograph different is that the dog is impassible and his mouth is closed.

Almost all dogs would be excited, stand up and down (btw the dog is sitting), stick their heads to one side or the other, the mouth open and the tongue sticking out. Not this Lab, s/he is impassible and looks straight ahead along the cycle path.

This is photograph is not a ‘lucky’ shot with a dog that poses. The dog didn’t move or didn’t change position during the 30 to 40 seconds that it took for the group to pass by.

Labrador Retriever in charge of group of cyclists

Labrador Retriever in charge of group of cyclists

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Playing at the Park: Vancouver, BC

This dog had a blast, running with the ball. He didn’t care about any other dog that was around him. No sniffing. He was here on the job and his job was catching the ball and returning it.

His owner, an ‘older’ lady, I say would late 50s - early 60s, was throwing the ball on and on… It’s usual to see ‘older’ dog owners throw the ball so many times or older dog owners with such energetic dogs.

Dog had a blast running with his ball

Dog had a blast running with his ball

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: PRE-AF

By having the PRE-AF on, the camera continuously focuses. As long as the power switch is on, it will focus. So you do not need to press the shutter button halfway down for focusing.

The PRE-AF speeds up the lag in the focusing of the time it takes to half-press the shutter button.

Menu > AF/MF setting tab > PRE-AF > ON | OFF

The PRE-AF uses about 40% more power than not having …

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Intrepid Photographer

The guy is a professional. He rented a Canon 500 f/4L lens for the weekend. The lens was introduced in 1999 (not only it was the previous century, it was the previous millennium).

There’s an IS (Image Stabilization) built in the lens. It’s OK for ‘kind of stabilizing’ the lens but… It’s not that good. The lens is just above 4kg/just above 9lbs, plus the camera, only supported by the left arm. Impressive!

I know that I can’t. I have tried. I get decent results with a monopod, which is what I used on this day.

handholding a Canon 1DMk4 with a Canon 500mm f/4L

Handholding a Canon 1DMk4 with a Canon 500mm f/4L

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Serious Frenchie: West Vancouver, BC

Most Frenchies, aka the French Bulldogs, are ‘crazies’. This means: easily exited, excitable, outgoing, people oriented and very good natured.

Not her. She’s serious, not friendly and she doesn’t really like people. She puts up with people, but that’s as far as she goes. BTW, I asked for her name but I didn’t write it down, so I forgot her name.

BTW, did you know that the original name of the French Bulldog was: ‘Boule-Dog Francais’, translated: French Ball Dog. Boule in French is Ball.

A very serious Frenchie

A very serious Frenchie: West Vancouver, BC

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF & the Electronic Shutter

The purpose of AF-C (continuous) is to focus between the shots, so the focus can be continuous. But…

The camera will not focus between each shot when electronic shutter is enabled either the ES mode (electronic shutter mode) or MS+ES modes (mechanical + electronic).

In burst mode, focus and exposure are fixed at the values for the shot in each burst.

— Fuji manual: shutter type

BTW, this also applies to all the other Fujifilm …

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Borzoi Running: West Vancouver, BC

I’ve never seen a Borzoi running. They walk, actually they saunter. They are always on a leash.

Actually, he wasn’t really full speed, a ‘runny’ steps, then walk, they a few more ‘runny’ steps.

Look at these huge, powerful hind legs.

Borzoi running

Borzoi Running: West Vancouver, BC

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Jogging With His Dog: Vancouver, BC

It’s quite unusual to see some older guy, he looks in his 60s, jogging with his dog. Usually, it’s middle age women who jog with their dogs.

There are quite a few older men jogging, but usually it’s after a scare like very high blood pressure or a heart attack or… But they jog by themselves, no friend, no group, no dog…

Older man jogging with his dog

Older man jogging with his dog

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