Fujifilm X-PRO2: PDAF

The PDAF is the Phase Detect Auto Focus. This the fast AF and it’s located in the middle of the sensor. The larger squares in the selection matrix shows the PDAF capable cells. The smaller squares near the edges are the CDAF (contrast detect autofocus) cells.

The phase-detect AF points need a vertical edge to focus on. If there is no vertical edge, there is no focusing in PDAF and the camera reverts to …

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Jogging in Whistler, BC

Jogging with a dog is fantastic. It’s great exercise and the bond doesn’t happen in the house but on the walk/run. All dogs brings a sense of security, even a tiny Chihuahua will bark loudly and can scare many would-be ‘less than good intentions’ people.

Jogging with a dog through the forest

Jogging with a dog through the forest

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Dog v Horse: Vancouver, BC

For almost 2 month, they had the Cavalia show in Vancouver. That place was huge. It was much bigger than the Cirque du Soleil.

I don’t know if there is a bigger Big Top tent in North America. It must be because of the horses. They need not only the Big Top, but they also need a full stable for the horses.

It took them 3 weeks and hundreds of trucks to bring in the soil/earth for the circus and the stable and it took them over 6 weeks to fully clear the site from the soil/earth.

Dog v. Horse

Dog v. Horse: Cavalia

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Her Prized Possession: Vancouver, BC

Her prized possession? A very well used Frisbee.

This Australian Shepherd carries her Frisbee everywhere she goes. Not just to the park or at the park. She carries it on every walk, just in case.

Australian Shepherd with Frisbee

Australian Shepherd with Frisbee

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Bullitt Cargo Bike with the Golden Retriever Option

The Bullitt bicycle is a cargo bike that is made in Denmark and is sold in town at only one specialty bicycle shop here in Vancouver, BC. It’s supposed to be the fastest cargo bike in the world.

The Golden Retriever is the cutest option available for the bike.

Look at the expression of the Golden Retriever. He’s in charge and make sure the ‘pedaller’ is doing his job…

Bullitt cargo bike with Golden Retriever option

Cargo bike with the Golden Retriever option

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Dog Without A Collar: Vancouver, BC

This is Bamboo. She’s a 2 years old female.

It’s quite rare to see dogs without a collar in Vancouver. Animal Control, that’s the city, patrols the parks on regular basis and give tickets and/or impound dogs.

Dog without collar

Dog Without A Collar

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Tourists and the Obligatory Selfie

In January 2017, German researchers studied the selfies and found that:

  • 77% of the smartphone users took a selfie at least once a month
  • 49% of the smartphone users received at least one selfie every week
  • People thought that their own selfies were somewhat ironic and playful
  • 82% of the people would rather see ‘more usual pictures’ then selfies on social media
  • 90% of the people thought that others’ selfies were for self-promotion
  • 46% of the people thought that their own selfies were for self-promotion

Tourists in Vancouver, BC and the Obligatory Selfie

Tourists in Vancouver, BC and the Obligatory Selfie

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF Priority

When pressing on the shutter, what’s more important?

  1. Making sure that the focus is done
  2. Take the photo as quick as possible even if the photo is “not in focus”


then you can decide:

X-PRO2/X-T2 autofocus setting

This is for both the X-PRO2 and THE X-T2.

What makes it different from Canon is that you can set the Release/Focus Priority for AF-S and AF-C separately …

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Pinkie: Vancouver, BC

Her real name is Soleil. That’s the French word for Sun. I call her Pinkie because of a pink sweater

Her owner was in a hurry so I didn’t have time to ask her why she named her dog Sun/Soleil.

Pinkie’ is a cross between a miniature Pinscher and a Chihuahua.

Soleil: cross miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua

Pinkie, aka Soleil

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The Evil Eye: Vancouver, BC

Isn’t this the evil eye? He’s trying to match my ‘big monster eye’, aka the camera lens. Did he attack me? No, I diffused the situation that was in the happening by making my Duffy Duck (from Walt Disney) voice. It immediately changed his mood.

Angry Beagle

Angry Beagle

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The Evil Eye: Vancouver, BC

This dog is a Whippet mutt, her owner wasn’t too sure.

Just the look and the holding of the head gives her the ‘evil eye’. She was a very nice but skittish dog.

Whippet mutt

Whippet mutt

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