The Crew: Vancouver, BC

the crew: a jack russell, a person and a black lab going to their boat

The Crew: Vancouver, BC

This is the crew. The boss, aka the Jack Russell, the person and the black Lab tagging along.

They are in a very expensive marina in False Creek, Vancouver, BC and they are on their way to the boat. If I remember correctly, the boat was an big powerboat from Seattle, WA.

The older Jack Russell is so proud of his position. It’s not just …

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The Ambush: West Vancouver, BC

golden retriever waiting in the grass to attack her 'prey'

Golden Retriever waiting in the grass to attack her ‘prey’

This Golden Retriever was waiting in the grass. She was waiting and waiting. She was waiting a good a 10 minutes.

Eventually the owner signaled and she started to chase/hunt something. I don’t know what she was chasing, I couldn’t see. But she was definitely running after/chasing something and it was small.

Golden Retrievers are hunters …

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Cycling with a Pitbull: Vancouver — Seawall

cycling with a pitbull

Cycling with a Pitbull: Vancouver — Seawall

Cycling with a Pitbull that pulls can be very difficult.

The guy is trying to pedal while being pulled by his dog. Look at the tension on the leash… But:

  1. The dog is pulling straight. He’s actually pulling with the guy’s arm doing the slack.
  2. This looks like these duo is a regular to cycling. The guy is also cycling straight.
  3. The …
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Puzzled: Vancouver, BC

dog not sure what to do next


He finally found his ball. Now what? He’s not sure. Should he go back to his owner, should he play with the other two dogs? That’s too many choices for a dog…

What should I do?

He was not sure until his owner picked up her baby and called him to go back home.


Camera: Canon 70D ISO 160 and 1/125
Lens: Canon 70-200L/f4 …

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Afraid of the Camera: Vancouver, BC

golden retriever puppy afraid of the camera

Afraid of the Camera

This Golden Retriever puppy was outgoing, jumping around, looking at me and at my dog. I pulled the camera that was dangling from my shoulder. Immediately, he sat and turned his head away. No matter what I did, he refused to look at me when I had the camera out. I even tried my duck quacking sound. That sound gets all dogs to get the puzzled …

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Frankie, the Dachshund — Vancouver, BC

frankie, the dachshund — vancouver, bc

Frankie, the Dachshund — Vancouver, BC

Frankie is an 11 years old “sausage”, aka a Dachshund, with high blood pressure. He’s very unhappy about it. Now in addition to his pills, he is also on a low-sodium diet. This means that Frankie can’t eat any of his favorite treats such as pepperoni, sausage, roast beef, tuna… It’s a real disaster!

Years ago, I saw this lady, she had …

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The Red Booties: Vancouver, BC

Small White Bichon Frise with red booties

Small White Bichon Frise with Red Booties

This photo was made just outside one of the big tower with hundreds of apartments in the Vancouver Downtown.

She wears booties outside so she doesn’t scratch her painted nails and also so she doesn’t dirty her paws. The owner doesn’t want her to dirty the carpet.

BTW, I forgot to ask for the name of the dog.


Camera …

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