Can She See Me?

Can this dog see?

Can This Dog See?

I’m sure that she can smell me and my dog, I’m not convinced that she can see us.

She’s so fuzzy that her hair covers her eyes and she has to see through layers. Maybe a good combing, but most likely a good trim at least around the eyes.

She can’t see well but she can hear and smell us. I’m not moving, I’m kneeling …

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Worried Cat: Vancouver, BC

A very worried cat

A Very Worried Cat

This cat is worried. Should he run away or not?

He has the ears backwards like he was getting ready to attack. Why, because behind me, there’s a dog, it’s my dog. He’s not threatening, he’s behind me and he’s totally quiet.

He’s not attacking and I know it. Why? his eyes.

The difference between the attack mode and the worry mode is in the …

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Fujifilm: Manual Focus & Focus Peaking

I started photography in the so called: “ the good old days.”

  • On SLRs (Single Lens Reflex cameras - long before the digital revolution) we had a small split screen in the center of the viewfinder to focus and that was it.
  • On rangefinders like the Canonet (which I had) and the Leica there was a little rangefinder in the middle of the viewfinder that was linked to the focusing ring of the lens. You looked in …
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Fred & the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Fred, a Daschund, never runs after the ball

Fred, a Daschund, never runs after the ball

Fred is another “attack sausage”, aka a Daschund and he’s almost 10 years old. His owner throws the ball (not too far). He kinds of run to the ball. And then, calmly and slowly, he brings the ball back.

This ball is the only ball that he grabs and carries back.

His owner tried all kind of balls from tennis balls to Kongs. Fred just goes …

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Under Attack: Vancouver, BC

Young French Bulldog playing with bigger dogs

Playing With Bigger Dogs

The French Bulldog is 9 month old. Her name is Anette, it’s a French name but instead of being with two N, there’s only one N. Anette’s owner isn’t French or from Quebec. She didn’t seem to be speaking French either.

In anyway, Anette was going to every big dog, biting them, then she was throwing herself unto the ground and let the bigger dog bite …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Godox Flash Firmware

Godox is on fire. Their sales are skyrocketing. Every photo bulletin board talks and asks about Godox flashes. I use Godox flashes and I’m extremely satisfied. I love them, they are fantastic.

Why? Here’s my experience:

  • They are cheap! I have 3 flashes that support both TTL and HSS for less than the cost of a “real” Canon flash (600ex-RTII) or the cost of a “real” Nikon flash (SB-910). Plus, also …
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Still Having Fun on 3 Legs

3 Legged Border Collie

3 Legged Border Collie

Pip or Peep (I should have asked how Pip/Peep is spelled) is a Border Collie and he only has 3 legs.

He plays, he runs after the ball. Sometimes, he even catches the ball. He runs and plays with other dogs.

Pip had cancer on his front left leg. The cancer “didn’t respond to treatment”. The only option left was to amputate the left front leg to prevent the …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Slow AF when using the ERF

First let’s clarify a few abbreviations:

  • AF: Auto Focus
  • ERF: Electronic Range Finder
  • OVF: Optical View Finder
  • AE: Auto Exposure

The X-PRO2 and the X-100 serie starting with the X-100T and now the X-100F have an Electronic Range Finder. It’s at the bottom right of the Optical View Finder.

The problem is that the AF is very slow when you use the ERF and showing an enlarged image in it.

According to …

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Golden Retriever Walking her Owner

golden retriever walking her owner

Golden Retriever Walking her Owner

Golden Retrievers are one of the top/favorite dog. They are big, have good character (usually) and get along with the family, including the kids.

I have yet to see somebody walking with their Golden Retriever. Usually, it’s the Golden Retriever that walks the person.

Golden are sporting dogs that are supposed to run into the bush, the pond… and bring back the dead… That makes them put everything …

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After the Kill: West Vancouver, BC

Border Collie running with his kill/ball

Border Collie running with his kill ball

This Border Collie is running back with his kill ball. He runs back, but not too fast.

I didn’t ask for his name. The owner was busy throwing the ball and talking with another lady, so I didn’t interrupt.

This Border Collie reminds me of Jack Russel Terrier that I knew called “Locca”. That’s a Female Crazy in Spanish. Locca needed to run for a …

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Fujifilm X-PRO2: Aperture Rear Dial

When you place shutter switch to “A” and lens to”A”, you are in the P mode. The “Professional mode”. This means that the camera will select both the shutter speed and the aperture with a bias toward the higher shutter speed.

Do the half press on the shutter button and you will see the settings for both the aperture and the shutter speed.

If you keep your finger “half-pressing” the shutter and rotate the …

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