Fujifilm X-PRO2: Slot #2

category: Cameras • 1 min read

When setting the camera to save the RAW images in slot #1 and JPEG images in slot #2, by pressing the PLAY button, the images are low resolution and it’s not possible to zoom to 100%.

It’s because you are viewing the embedded previews within the RAW images of slot #1.

There are two ways of accessing the slot #2 when reviewing the images:

  1. While viewing the photo from slot #1, press the MENU/OK and press the MENU/OK button again to switch to slot #2. Now all the images will the full JPEGs and high resolution.
  2. Press the PLAY button for 2 seconds and camera will switch to the second slot.
  • Only slot #1 can use either the ‘real fast’ UHS-III SD cards or the regular SD cards and UHS-I SD cards.
  • Slot #2 can only use the regular SD cards and UHS-I SD cards. Therefore, it’s lot slower than slot #1.
  • The BACKUP mode will copy all the images to slot #2 and this really slows down the burst speed of the camera.
  • A burst of 16 RAW files to slot #1 and JPEGs to slot #2 took me 35 seconds.
  • A BACKUP of the same 16 files (both the RAW and the JPEGs are written both cards) took me 1 minute and 09 seconds. Almost twice as slow…