Fujifilm: When Was Your Camera Manufactured?

category: Cameras • 1 min read

At the bottom of your Fujifilm camera (X-PRO2, X-PRO1, X-T1, X-T10, X-T2, and X-T20) usually on the battery compartment, there’s the serial number printed on the label attached to the bottom of the camera.

Mine starts with 63xxxxxxx

  1. The first digit is the year of manufacturing: 6 → 2016, 7: → 2017…
  2. The second digit is the quarter of the year: 3 → 3rd quarter, meaning between July and September.

This means that my Fujifilm X-PRO2 was manufactured between Jul-2016 and Sep-2016.

This also means that my camera’s warranty will end on 30-September-2018. In Canada, we have a 2 year warranty. It could be extended with the receipt from the camera store if the purchase date was after the 30-Sep-2016. I’ll have to check on mine because I think that I purchased mine in October 2016.