Fujifilm: Lens Modulation Optimizer

category: Cameras • 1 min read

The Fujifilm lens modulation optimizer’s job is to:

  1. Adjust for image for the diffraction that happens when closing the aperture.
  2. Fix the loss of focus at the periphery of the lens (which is different from vignetting) by reconstructing some of the lost details.

This works only with the modern Fujifilm lenses, the XF and the XC serie of Fujifilm lenses.

  • The Lens Module Optimizer only operates in the Fujifilm cameras only.
  • The Lens Module Optimizer only works when converting the RAW to JPEG photo.
  • The camera saves the lens modulation data of the lens (lens-firmware) in the RAW photo. Then the raw processing software will or will not read the data from the RAW file.

Lightroom doesn’t read the lens correction from its own database but it reads the lens data from the RAW file and applies it automatically without asking you. If your raw processor uses LENSFUN, then it will have most of the Fujifilm lenses in its database.

  • The Lens Module Optimizer “kind of correct field curvature”, spherical aberrations, barrel and pincushion. But, it’s not the purpose of the LMO and it mostly works with Lightroom.
  • If you look through the Lightroom list of lens, you will not find any of the XF nor any of the XC lenses. Lightroom only has the X100, X100S, X100T and X100F camera/lens combos.