Fujifilm X-PRO2: Godox Flash Firmware

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Godox is on fire. Their sales are skyrocketing. Every photo bulletin board talks and asks about Godox flashes. I use Godox flashes and I’m extremely satisfied. I love them, they are fantastic.

Why? Here’s my experience:

  • They are cheap! I have 3 flashes that support both TTL and HSS for less than the cost of a “real” Canon flash (600ex-RTII) or the cost of a “real” Nikon flash (SB-910). Plus, also I have the radio remote controller and it’s still cheaper than a single Canon or Nikon Flash. I have 1 TT685-Fuji, 1 TT685-Canon, 1 TT350-Fuji, 1 X1T-Fuji and 1 X1T-Canon (I have both a Canon camera system and a Fuji camera system.
  • They work. Remember the “you get what you pay for”?
    • From my Fuji camera, I can control both the Godox Canon flash and the Godox Fuji flashes with the X1T-Fuji radio.
    • From my Canon camera, I can control both the Godox Canon flash and the Godox Fuji flash with the X1T-Canon radio.
    • The construction is solid and on par with either Canon or Nikon, except for the locking ring and the battery door. Canon and Nikon’s are better design, solid but a better lock and door design.
  • They work. Did I already said that? They work flawlessly.
  • They work across camera family. The only requirement is that the transmitter belongs to the camera brand. So a Fuji camera with the Fuji transmitter can control TTL and HSS Godox flashes for Canon, Nikon, Fuji or Olympus. So my Godox X1T-Fuji can control my Godox Canon flash (I do that at least once a week).
  • Godox has a seamless path from the speedlights to their strobes with a seamless integration of TTL and HSS. (I have an AD200 on order)
  • Both the flashes and the radio transmitters have firmware that is upgradable via USB. Every few month, Godox comes up with firmware upgrades and here lies the rub. Their firmware upgrade program only works under Windows, so many Mac users are not very happy.
  • The other problem is the “darn” documentation. It’s bad, it’s pretty much useless. It’s a computer translation of some Chinese documentation that consists of a few tables. It’s just a list of the flash or the radio transmitter menu items. Explanations would be very appreciated. Examples, even better…

To check for the version: there are a few ways of doing it, depending on the model:

  • For the TT685 speedlight, the V860II speedlight, or the AD360II speedlight: hold the Zm/C.Fn button for a few seconds.
  • For the X1T transmitters or the AD200: press the MODE button while turning on the power.
  • For the X1R receivers: press the GR button while turning on the power.
  • For the AD600 strobe and the XPro transmitters: see in the MENU

Not only Godox sells their flashes under their own name: Godox, they also do a lot of re-branding so plenty of companies can have a full line-up of flashes without any investment.

In the US, you can buy the Godox flashes under the name FlashPoint from Adorama and Adorama will provide the warranty.

BTW, the gem is the Godox TT350. It’s small, much smaller than a regular size flash it has full TTL and HSS and it’s slightly more than $100. It’s not as strong as a “full size” flash but nobody can see the difference and it’s small enough to have it always in my bag when I need to open the shadows or light a dark corner.