Godox Canon flash & Fujifilm TTL

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My current setup is:

  1. Canon 7DMk2 with a 24-70 and a 70-200 with 1 Canon 580exII and 1 Godox TT685C (C for Canon) with 3 Yongnuo 622C as wireless TTL triggers.
  2. Fuji X-P2 with the ‘Fujicrons’, an 18-55, a 55-200 and the ‘pancake’ with the Godox TT350F and the XT1-F.

So the question is how can I use my Canon flash or the Godox-Canon flash on the Fuji? I need in the camera hot-shoe. It’s for events when I need more power than the TT350F.

The Godox 685C

  1. The Godox 685C needs to be updated to the latest firmware.
  2. Set the XT1-F in the hot-shoe of the Fujifilm.

In wireless, off the camera flash: everything works as expected after setting the Godox TT685C to the slave wireless mode and Group A/Channel 1.

In the Fujifilm X-PRO2 hot-shoe (BTW, it’s the same on the X-T2), the 685C only flashes at full power. Even changing the power did not help.

On the other hand, using the XT1-F and the TT685C on top of the XT1-F worked. The ‘trick’ is:

set the TT685C as a slave with the proper channel/group, even though it’s in the hot-shoe of the XT1-F wireless trigger.

The Canon 580exII

I can’t make it work. It only flashes at full power, no matter what the setting or no matter what the combination.

  • I have tried it on the hot-shoe of the XT1-F. Full power only.
  • I have tried the Yongnuo wireless trigger YN622C in the hot-shoe of the XT1-F and another Yongnuo wireless trigger YN622C on the Canon 580exII. Full power only.
  • I have also tried the combinations with the Canon OC3 cable. It’s the same. Full power only.


I need to buy:

  1. XR1-C: the Godox receiver for the Canon 580exII, for the XT1-F to control it.
  2. XT1-C: the Godox trigger for the Canon camera, for using the Godox-Fuji flashes with my Canon camera.

This will give me the full inter-operability with all my flashes and both my systems: Canon & Fuji.

  • The Godox XT1-F is a transmitter only.
  • The Godox XT1-F as a transmitter is compatible with the XR1-C (for Canon), the XR1-N (for the Nikon).
  • Godox doesn’t have a receiver for the Olympus or the Fujifilm compatible flashes