Fujifilm X-PRO2: Focus Points

category: Cameras • 1 min read

When using the zone focus or the wide-tracking focus, the display EVF or OVF shows multiple points that are supposed to be in focus. Why all these points?

In any of the area focus modes, the zone or the wide-tracking, the camera decides where to focus. Where to focus will depend on the which Fuji camera and which version of the firmware:

  • The older cameras and the older firmware will pick the focus based on the item with most contrast within the area.
  • The newer cameras and the new firmware will pick the focus based on the combination of the contrast and the nearest item within the area (as long as there’s enough contrast).

Most of the times, the OVF/EVF will show multiple points in focus. In fact, these points are not in focus. The plane at that distance is in focus and the OVF/EVF shows the focusing points of the camera that are within the plane and the depth of field.

The actual point of focus is recorded in the RAF file and it’s a single pixel.

exiftool earl-tucker-20180321-4913.raf | grep -i focus
Focus Mode : Auto
Focus Pixel : 961 507
Focus Warning : Good

The focus pixel 961-507 is from the top left, after the correct orientation is done, of the raw file. It’s not the pixel from the JPEG preview embedded in the raw file.