Fujifilm X-PRO2: Firmware Updates

category: Cameras • 2 min read

One of main reason, I bought into the Fujifilm system is that the “Kaizen”, the continuous quality improvements through the numerous firmware updates. Fujifilm does regular updates not only for for the cameras but also for the lenses, although less frequent for the lenses.

Make sure that the camera’s battery is fully charged before updating your camera’s firmware.

If the battery dies in the middle of the firmware update, the camera will be “bricked” and you will need to send it to Fuji for major repair, aka $$$$.

The firmware filenames are fixed. This means that the name of the firmware is always the same for a specific model of the camera and it’s another specific name of the firmware for the lens.

The major problem is that people download the firmware to their computer or directly to the SD card and then the update doesn’t work because the camera cannot find the file.


It’s because Windows and OS X will change the name of the file if that file already exists in the download directory/folder. If the firmware’s file is named FWUP0008.DAT and it already exists in the directory/folder, then it will be saved either as: “FWUP0008.DAT (1)” or “FWUP0008.DAT Copy” or “Copy of FWUP0008.DAT” depending on the Windows version.

  1. The file must be renamed to FWUP0008.DAT.
  2. Copy the file from your computer to the SD card (if it was saved to the computer).
  3. Turn off the camera and put the SD card in it with the firmware file.
  4. Turn the camera on, while pressing “DISP/BACK” button at the same time. It will display the firmware version for the camera and the firmware version for the lens.
  5. When clicking OK, the camera will ask if you want to update the firmware of the camera or the lens.

  • The Fuji camera firmware files are all named: “FWUP00##.DAT
  • The Fuji lens firmware files are all named: “XFUP00##.DAT

The ## will depend on the model of the camera or the model of the lens.