Fujifilm X-PRO2: the Electronic Range Finder

category: Cameras • 1 min read

The Electronic Range Finder (ERF) is only available on the X-PRO and X100 cameras. The ERF gives the dual display of the optical viewfinder and the electronic range finder in the bottom right corner.

It displays an area that is magnified and that is close to the focus point.

It is controlled by the lever at the front of the camera:

x-pro2/x100t/x100f front lever

The lever can go right or left:

  • left: OVFEVF
  • right: OVF → Electronic Range Finder

x-pro2/x100t/x100f switching evf-ovf-erf

  • Switching to AF-C disables the Electronic Range Finder/ERF mode
  • Switching to AF-S re-enables the Electronic Range Finder/ERF mode

  • The Electronic Range Finder/ERF works in all exposure modes: P, A, S and even M

  • The Electronic Range Finder/ERF works in both AF and MF
  • The Electronic Range Finder/ERF works even when the AF+MF is enabled

The Electronic Range Finder/ERF significantly slows down the focus speed. What was instantaneous now takes a marked pause.

The ERF does not work in: * In AF-C (it takes too much CPU power) * In AF-S and zone mode * In the EVF mode (Electronic View Finder)

The ERF has three view modes:

  • The 100% view: a tiny, tiny view of the whole frame.
  • The focus box which is the same as the focus check during the review by pressing on the rear command dial.
  • A semi-magnified view: An in-between of the 100% view and the focus box.

You go through the three views by pressing the rear command dial.