Fujifilm X-PRO2: AF Priority

category: Cameras • 1 min read

When pressing on the shutter, what’s more important?

  1. Making sure that the focus is done
  2. Take the photo as quick as possible even if the photo is “not in focus”


then you can decide:

X-PRO2/X-T2 autofocus settings

This is for both the X-PRO2 and THE X-T2.

What makes it different from Canon is that you can set the Release/Focus Priority for AF-S and AF-C separately.

  • Earlier I said “not in focus” in quotation mark. The focus may be done but not achieved according to the camera. For example, the focus is not done but the f/stop is f/8 @18mm. The image might be within the depth of field but the camera does the focus at the widest aperture and doesn’t take the aperture and the depth of field in consideration.

  • My settings for both AF-S and AF-C are Focus Priority