Fujifilm & the Image Numbering

category: Cameras • 1 min read

The Fujifilm cameras numbering is:

  1. Folder: The folders are numbered and start at 100, then 101, 102…
  2. Frame number: Each folder can have up to 9999 images

Reformatting or changing the SD memory card may not reset the frame numbers. The keyword here is “may” It depends on the settings of:


There are two options:

  1. CONTINUOUS: The image number continues in the same folder as before and it continues from the last image number or from the first image number available. and when it reaches 9999, it will create a new folder: 100 ==> 101…
  2. RENEW: Resets the frame number to 0001 either after formatting or after changing the memory card. If there is a folder 100 and the last image is 1234, the X-PRO2, the X-T2,… will create a new folder: 101
  • If the image number reaches folder: 999 and image: 9999, the shutter release will be disabled.
  • Selecting RESET sets FRAME NO. to CONTINUOUS but does not reset the file number.