Yapper: Vancouver, BC

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barking dog

Yapper: Vancouver, BC

Up to that day, I thought that dogs are supposed to be mammals. This means that they are supposed to be breathing with their lungs. Apparently this doesn’t apply to this dog. He kept on barking, barking and barking. Not just a few barks. It was a non-stop barking. I heard him long before I saw him and long after they passed me.

My understanding is that dogs are supposed to breath in and bark when breathing out. I can swear, under oath, that this dog was never breathing in. You see, breathing in would mean that the dog has to stop barking during the breathing in.

How can his owners put up with such a constant barking? I know that I couldn’t. Barking for dogs is like talking for humans. It’s excepted, but non-stop?

BTW, I am teaching my dog how to bark! My dog, Dodoïte (pronounced: Dodo ïte) https://www.sritch.com/tag/dodoite.html doesn’t bark. He completely silent. Actually, he’s not silent, he’s stealthy (I have carpets in the house). I don’t hear him when he comes in or out of my office.


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