Wolfhound Mix at the Beach: Vancouver, BC

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Wolfhound running by the edge of the water

This Wolfhound mix had a fantastic time. He kept on running by the edge of the water.

First one way, then the other way. He never seemed to get tired. I didn’t figure out who his owner was. He or she must have been one of the many people seating by the tree trunks behind me.

All dogs love the beach, except for mine because he doesn’t like the sand. Great open water, great open space, great open sand. The dogs can go back to their roots and enjoy life. The main problem with the beaches is the park’s board who generally forbid dogs at beaches. Why? They claim that dogs frighten children, when most of the times it’s the children/teenagers that are chasing and terrorizing the dogs with sticks and stones.

This wolfhound kept on running by the edge of the water. Vancouver, BC

If a dog scares a child, it’s news. If a child scares a dog, it’s not.

Somebody once told me that I’m supposed to put sunscreen on my dog. How? Where? The nose and the ears? My dog and most of the other dogs will either lick it to get rid of it or use their paws to wipe it out.