Walter & the Ball: Vancouver, BC

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french bulldog running with a red ball

Walter and the Ball: Vancouver, BC

Walter is a 2 years old French Bulldog.

Walter never runs after a ball. Walter never chases anything but this one time he did. As far as I know, he never chased a ball again. Was it because of the ball was orange? Was it because of the grass or because of the open field? No idea, but this was a first and last time he chased and ran after something.

Walter would walk most of the time without a leash next to his owners. He never strayed. When we discussed it, his owners thought that it because of his poor eyesight.

He had many eyes problem. A few month later, Walter went for eye surgeries, including for cataract surgery. It’s very unusual for a 2 years old dog. They ended doing both eyes. Luckily, Walter’s eye surgeries were covered by the insurance. It cost them (the owners) only $500 per surgery. The $500 was the insurance deductible.


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