Walking The Dogs: Vancouver, BC

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pretending to walk the dogs

Walking The Dogs. Really?

This guy claimed to be walking the dogs. I will seriously dispute that. In fact, it’s the dogs that are walking him and he tags along. If he was on a skateboard and he would be flying all over.

The bigger dogs are at the front with the smaller dogs next to him. The only dog behind him is the Basset Hound. Everybody was getting out of his way. Everybody heard them long before we could see them. It was a cacophony with the Coon Hound on the right leading the chorus with his howling. The Golden Retriever was a very lively part of the chorus. The most silent dog was the Basset Hound, he was struggling to keep up with the pack.

The guy works for a dog walking/doggy day-care company called: Dog Taxi.


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