Dog Waiting For His Biscuit

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dog waiting for his biscuit

Dog Waiting For His Biscuit

This dog is patiently waiting for his biscuit. He’s patient and he wants to be paid for his work. He’s laying in the middle of the stairs. That way he makes sure that nobody can pass by and forgets that he hasn’t been paid yet. “He worked hard, now pay-up.”

He looks like a German Shepherd puppy, but he’s 13 years old. He’s half German Sheppard, half Whippet (that’s the smaller Greyhound) and he’s also a half Pointer (yes, there are at least 3 halves in him.) You can see his age by the white of his hair around the nose, the cheeks and around his eyes.

And most importantly, he’s my dog!


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 200 and 1/30
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @200mm and f/4
Processed with Rawtherapee 5.8: