Under Attack: Vancouver, BC

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young french bulldog playing with bigger dogs

Playing With Bigger Dogs

The French Bulldog is 9 month old. Her name is Anette, it’s a French name but instead of being with two N, there’s only one N. Anette’s owner isn’t French or from Quebec. She didn’t seem to be speaking French either.

In anyway, Anette was going to every big dog, biting them, then she was throwing herself unto the ground and let the bigger dog bite her. Then after a few seconds, she was wiggling out and going back to biting the larger dog and …

Anette’s owner said that this was totally new. She started doing it about a week ago. She didn’t seem to get hurt because she was going for it again and again, so Annette’s owner wasn’t intervening.

Anette tried to bit me too. Her teeth were very sharp, it almost hurt. I just made sure that she couldn’t get to my dog who was staying behind for the whole time.


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