Tupelo: Vancouver, BC

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dog pulling very hard

Tupelo: she pulls and pulls…

Her name is Tupelo. It’s not after Elvis Presley’s birth place in Mississippi, but after the Tupelo honey. The bees use the flowers of the Tupelo trees in the South Eastern swamps. It’s supposed not to have any aftertaste.

Tupelo is a very nice dog, but oh boy, does she pull! That’s why her owners use a halti. She can pull, but she has a lot less strength with her nose than with the neck/chest.

I also used a halti with my previous dog. He managed in twisting his head sideways a little bit and have the lock of the leash under his neck so he could pull harder. He would have choked himself to death if I didn’t make him wear his halti.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 640 and 1/320
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @192mm and f/5
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