Tula An English Setter: Vancouver, BC

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English Setter

Tula, an English Setter

Tula is an English Setter. English Setters are quite rare in my neck of the woods. She’s very beautiful dog but she’s another chicken in a doggy suit, see the The Great Chicken Conspiracy for more details. She thinks that if she doesn’t look at the other dogs or whatever looks at her then “it” will ignore her.

There are two type of English Setters

  1. The hunting type
  2. The show type

The hunting type are smaller and stockier than the show type of English Setters. The show type also have longer and silkier hair than the hunting type of English Setter.

BTW, I forgot to ask her owner, why she’s called Tula, it’s a very unusual name. When I googled, I only saw Tula, a city in Russia and Tula’s owner did not have a Russian or any Eastern European accent.


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