The Tricycle: Vancouver, BC

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lady and dog on a large tricycle

Lady and dog on a large tricycle

lady and dog on a large tricycle

From this closeup, you’d think that this is some kind of scooter or motorcycle. But, no it’s not. It’s pedal tricycle. Is there electric assist? I don’t think so, but I’m not sure. The front crank-set, where the pedals are connected to the chain, is a regular foot powered crank-set. When I saw her pedalling, she was straining to get the tricycle moving.

That lady biked on the sidewalk, then dropped on the side of the walking path, let the dog jump out, do her business and some sniffing around, then she jumped back. At no time, did the lady get off of her tricycle.

This tricycle looks cool, but it’s very hard to manoeuvre. It took her quite a few tries to turn around. The was going back and forth turning the front wheel, like Mike Meyers in “Austin Powers” when trying to turn around in the tunnel with his electric golf cart. It would have been easier to get off the bike, push forward, push backward and turn…

I tried to ask for her dog’s name but she just smiled and pedalled away.


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