Tired Corgi: West Vancouver, BC

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tired corgi

A Very Tired Corgi

This Corgi was tired from running around. This is a very large grass field with many dogs running and she was running after every dog. Then she ‘submarined’ under every dog and went to sniff them. That’s one of the benefit of being a ‘shortie’.

As a usual Corgi, she was bossy, trying to move the other in some direction or another as she was changing her mind. The most surprising to me was how little she barked and even then the barks were not the angry loud barks.

Even with me kneeling on ground, I was still towering above her. I should have lied down on the damp grass…

I couldn’t ask for her name or how old she is, her owners were busy talking on the other side of the grassy field.


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