What’s The Tongue For?

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airedale terrier sticking his tongue out

Airedale sticking his tongue out

I have no idea what this Airedale Terrier is doing, but he’s sticking his tongue to me. Very unusual…

Airedales are the largest of all the Terriers. This Airedale’s tail is natural and hasn’t been cut, aka docked (to make it sound less traumatic). Most Airedales at shows have their tail cut down.

The most famous Airedale is Laddie Boy which was President Harding’s Airedale during the early 1920s. Laddie Boy helped Harding’s political stature by making Harding a much more personable politician (in spite of the political scandals). Laddie Boy was always with him, at almost every event and almost every reception.

Laddie Boy was at the White House only for 2 years, until the death of President Harding in 1923.


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