Tethered: Vancouver, BC

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dog and person tethered

Tethered: Vancouver, BC

Both the young girl and the dog are tethered. The dog is tethered to his leash, the young girl is tethered to her smartphone. She was totally oblivious to everything around her.

For me, walking with my dog is a ‘team sport’. I try to make it a team sport, but my dog is not a very good team player. He tries to walk faster than me. He uses me as his shield. He walks on my left when something worries him on his right. He walks on my right when something worries him on his left. He constantly switched sides but always from behind. He never walks in front of me.

At the beginning, I tried to make him walk on my left, then I realized that his most important need was my protection. To my dog, the protection is far more important that any food or any shelter.


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