Terry: Vancouver, BC

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Anatolian Shepherd mix

Anatolian Shepherd Mix

Terry is mostly an Anatolian Shepherd mixed with who knows what (his owner is not sure). Terry is huge, close to 100lbs and over 6ft tall when he stands up, like in the photo. He’s the best security system, people are afraid of him just from his stare…

Terry lives in a “small apartment” facing the exit of the underground garage. So Terry passes most of his time on the balcony/terrace where he stands up on the stone balustrade to see what’s happening on the street.

He barks at every dog that passes by, including us (my dog and I). Terry’s bark is as big as he is.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 1600 and 1/80
Lens: Canon 70-200L/f4 @200mm and f/11
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