Taking a Break: Vancouver, BC

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Young Bernese Mountain Dog

Young Bernese Mountain Dog taking a break

The young Bernese Mountain Dog, with the lady, was going crazy at the dog park just behind this little plaza. He was jumping on every dog and he was standing up on almost everybody.

There was no meanness or aggressiveness, it was just a rambunctious huge puppy. The problem is that although this Bernese Mountain Dog is still a puppy, it’s a huge puppy weighing at least 75lbs. When such a huge puppy jumps on somebody, either it hurts or one very easily loses balance.

So, she took him away from the dog park and on the side where he was calming down. It wasn’t as a punishment, it was just a: lets take a rest… Then this guy came with his dog and sat down to have a conversation. Obviously they must know each other.

Eventually Bernese Mountain Dogs do become calm and patient, but not at such an early age.


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