Sword Fighting: Vancouver, BC

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sword fighting: vancouver, bc

Sword Fighting: Vancouver, BC

This dog is very worried. His owner is learning how to fight with a sword (actually, it’s a rapier. They have no edge, just a point and originally they were used as dress swords).

The problem is that the dog doesn’t understand what’s happening. He’s looking at his owner and not at his owner’s opponent.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they were learning/practicing for a theater play (it’s very likely that it is for Romeo and Juliette from Shakespeare, his hello tag says Rodrigo Montague) . Up to last week there is so many movies/tv shows made in Vancouver, now with all the Covid-19 everything has stopped including all the movies/tv productions.

The guy must be “not too bad” because usually people learn with wooden swords before “graduating” to actual swords.

According to wikihow, you are supposed to grip the sword with both hands. The right hand is supposed to be at the top end of the grip and the other hand at the bottom of the grip, closer to the pommel.

  1. This allows for a much wider range of arm movements with the sword.
  2. This gives a much firmer hold on the sword and making it more difficult for the opponent to knock it out of your hand.


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