Dog Friendly Hotel: Whistler, BC

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sign with names of dogs

The Dogs Staying at the Summit Lodge in Whistler, BC

We stayed at the Summit Lodge & Spa, in Whistler, BC. It has 81 rooms/suites. When I was there in September (before the new abnormal times of COVID), there were 15 dogs.

This a “pet friendly” hotel. They are not pet-obsessed, no doggy massage… But what should I have done? Leave my dog at home? Then, I can’t really enjoy myself, I feel guilty for abandoning him and will often make it a shorter trip to come back home early. It so much better when I go for walks with my dog or explore the mountains/trails, he loves it. He becomes a “real dog”. With 27 hotels to choose from, in Whistler, we selected the Summit Lodge because they are dog friendly and fairly close to the town centre.

We were there with my dog, his name is on the board but he’s hiding under a pseudonym in case somebody would recognize him. We were very happy with our stay.

My dog doesn’t like living in Vancouver, BC. Too many sharp noises. To him, they sound like gun shots. It scares him. He liked Whistler. There were a lot of people but almost no noise of construction nor cars nor planes (at least where we stayed) and we walked a lot along trails in the woods, that’s his favourite activity.