Sociable Dogs: Vancouver, BC

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A Very Sociable Dog

Some dogs are sociable and some dogs are not. This dog refused to move until she would be able to sniff and play with my dog. She would do it with every dog. There are a lot of people walking their dogs on the Vancouver Seawall. So guy made sure that she would seat before sniffing and trying to play with the “encountered dog.”

She was disappointed that my dog staid behind me and always kept a human between them.

Often people ask if my dog is friendly. I always answer no, then they walk away thinking that he will be bite.

Is my dog friendly? No, but he’s not aggressive. He doesn’t like people nor other dogs. He grew up in a cage in a garage. He see humans as something to be afraid of, especially children. They are loud and very unpredictable. Everything scares him. As a puppy he never learned to play with other dogs. Every week we go to the dog park and either he will ignore the other dogs or he will try to hump some dog…


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