Smokey, a Standard Poodle: Vancouver, BC

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grey Standard Poodle

Smokey, a Standard Poodle

Poodles have the bad reputation of being dogs for “sissies” (I hope that’s the correct spelling). It’s not their fault if they are funny looking.

Most Poodles look funny because of how the people shave them and the Poodles are nice enough to put up with that kind of “treatment”. But Smokey doesn’t have to put up with that.

Poodles come in three sizes:

  1. Standard Poodle
  2. Miniature Poodle
  3. Toy Poodle

What I discovered is that the Poodles are the origin of the Schnauzers and the Bichons and then there are all the “…doodle” dogs like the Labradoodle.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 100 and 1/250
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @165mm and f/7.1
Processed with Darktable 2.2.5: