Saluki: Ambleside Park — West Vancouver, BC

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Salukis are one of the oldest domesticated breed of dogs. They are the ancestors of the Greyhounds. The Salukis started in the Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan area around 4000 BCE, long before Abraham and Moses…

I like the Salukis, they are loyal and have dignity. I have seen many goofy Labs but I have yet to see a “goofy” Saluki. If you look at his paws, notice the length of his nails, it’s to get better traction on gravel and sand so they can change direction faster when hunting for rabbits/hare…

I do not remember his name (I should have written it down) but in spite of his white muzzle, he’s only 5 years old.


Saluki: Ambleside Park — West Vancouver, BC