Rusty, a Very Rambunctious Boxer: Vancouver, BC

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rambunctious boxer

Rusty, a very Rambunctious Boxer

Rusty, a muscular and athletic Boxer. Rusty exudes energy and enthusiasm in everything he does. He loves to play and jump, always on the lookout for the next game or adventure. Rusty, the Boxer, wants to show all the other dogs that he’s the boss. He tries to steal all the toys from other dogs.

With Rusty, it’s all about “me and me.” He tends to be self-centered, more interested in satisfying his own desires rather than cooperating with others. If Rusty were left to his own devices in the wild, he would likely become an Alpha dog, with his dominant personality and physical strength.

Although Rusty, the Boxer, shows some degree of respect towards the husband, he has no respect to the wife. (and the keyword here is ‘some’) but he doesn’t show any respect to his wife and completely ignores the wife’s instructions.


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