This Border Collie is chasing his prey, a ball, and kills it as soon as he catches it.

This is a matter of life or death for the owner of this Border Collie, run or get the house chewed up…

  • Queen Elizabeth II prefers corgis, but Queen Victoria loved Border Collies. At that time, they were not Border Collies but called “Scotch sheep dogs”.
  • A South Carolina Border Collie, Chaser, has the largest known vocabulary of any dog, 1000+ words. The owner spent up to five hours daily, training her to recognize objects.
  • Border Collies are workaholics. If a Border Collie does not have enough exercise, they will chew almost everything she has access to.

Killer on the Run: West Vancouver, BC

Killer on the Run: West Vancouver, BC


Before (left) and after (right) as processed with Darktable 2.0.3

Before (left) and After (right)

Camera: Canon 7DMk2 ISO 1600 and 1/250s
Lens: Canon 70-200 f/4L IS @185mm and f/7.1 Focus: 16m
Processed with Darktable 2.0.3: