Roller Blades: Vancouver, BC

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Roller blades? Roller blades have gone out of style in Vancouver since the late 1990s.

This guy used to have 2 Italian Greyhounds and a Boston Terrier. His second Italian Greyhound died about a year ago.

What you do not see is that he’s almost at the top of the hill. It’s a 2km hill, or slightly more than a mile long.

roller-blading with an italian greyhound and a boston terrier

Roller Blading: Vancouver, BC

The guy is tired. The Italian Greyhound is quite tired because he getting old.

The real problem is the Boston Terrier who is not only tired but is starting to protest and rebel. Just after the crossing of the intersection, the Boston Terrier had a ‘temper tantrum’ and flopped on the ground, refusing to go any further.

That’s when I left, I’m not here to embarrass people, dogs or other animals.