Reluctant Dog: Vancouver, BC

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dog running on beach with a big stick

Dog Running with Stick in Cold Water

The woman kept on throwing branches and wooden sticks into the water. She exhorted her dog to go after them and bring them back.

Her dog refused to go into the water, my guess is that sea was very cold. Eventually, he went into the water to retrieve this piece of wood.

The British Veterinary Association has declared that throwing wood for dog retrieval is bad! They claim that many dogs get injured from wood splitting inside their mouth or worst inside their throats. Instead, they recommend people use rubber balls or Frisbees.

This is not a problem with my dog. I don’t throw things for him to retrieve. I tried with balls and that didn’t work.

I bought 2 balls, as his toys, to keep around the house upstairs by the “tree”. I was trying to get him to fetch the ball and to bring it back. He did get the concept of going after the ball, but then after that he gave me a dirty look and went to drop the ball with his other toys. That’s his balls and I’m not supposed to play with his things. So I gave up, but somehow he doesn’t have a problem with taking “my” biscuits.


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