Really Cold: Vancouver, BC

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Really Cold Whippet

Really Cold Whippet

This is a Vancouver’s winter: around 5° Celsius or around 40° Fahrenheit. This is Canada and this would be mid spring weather for the rest of Canada. But it’s really cold for Vancouver and for Whippets. They have almost no fat content. Whippets have about 5% to 10% fat content. That would be the equivalent of Mr. Universe or Mr. Olympia in bodybuilding, except that bodybuilding is for the few days around the show, while for the Whippets it’s for everyday of their lives.

The Whippet breed came from the rejects of the Greyhounds. The nobility didn’t want the smaller Greyhounds. It’s the “bigger is better…” So some of the servants adopted the smaller ones and bred them together to become the Whippets. Originally, the Whippets raced around fields at the back of the castle/estate. Now the Whippets are excellent house dogs and they like to live in groups.


Camera: Canon 7DMkII ISO 100 and 1/80
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