Rambo: Vancouver Beach, BC

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Rambo Posing At The Beach

Rambo, the name, has come to represent a strong protective person with a good heart. Somehow, it has crossed into the dog world where many dogs, such as Bulldogs and Pitbulls, are named Rambo. I know at least 4 dogs that are named Rambo, even dogs owned by women. It’s even more popular in the military where Rambo is the most popular name for military dogs.

This Bulldog is named Rambo after the movie “First Blood”. The first movie didn’t have the name Rambo in the title.

They started using the name Rambo in the title with the second movie, then the third movie… I’m still waiting for “Rambo v. Rocky: the Movie.”

Look at the pose. This is how I would expect Sylvester Stallone to stand at the beach.

BTW, First Blood, the book, was written by David Morrell and the movie “First Blood” was made in Hope, BC. Technical

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