Professional Hunter: Vancouver, BC

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weimaraner hunting in the forest

Weimaraner Hunting

Kurt is a professional hunter. Weimaraner are supposed to be hunting dogs, but in my neck of the woods, nobody (with these dogs) goes hunting. They just want that type of dog for the style and their good character. The Weimaraner became very popular with the general public after the William Wegman’s photos. That’s the photos of his Weimaraner dressed as a person.

Kurt is a hunting dog and every winter he goes hunting for pheasants. As a typical Weimaraner, he’s silver gray and he hides quite well in the fall/winter colours.


Camera: Canon 70D ISO 320 and 1/200
Lens: Canon 70-200L f/4 @111mm and f/5
Processed with Rawtherapee 5.3: