Play With Me: Vancouver, BC

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two dogs asking each other to play

Play With Me: Vancouver, BC

These two dogs are following the school of ‘doggie good manners’. Rusty, the Boxer, is asking the chocolate Lab if he wants to play. And the chocolate Lab says yes but be nice…

The problem is that Rusty, the Boxer, was being rough with most dogs and was trying to steal whatever toy they were playing with. The chocolate Lab also wanted to play but only with ‘well-behaved’ dogs. And Rusty was having none of it:

I’ll play with you but only if I steal whatever you have or beat you up.


The “funny” part was that Rusty’s owners are “very small” (in size) people and are no match for the Rusty’s athleticism. They only had him for a year and half and were still trying to figure out how to control him.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 200 and 1/320
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