Photographing of the Photographer


He’s not taking a photo of his dog. He is taking a small video of me, while I’m making photos of his dog with him in the background.

When I took the photos, I heard him talk on the phone and tell the other person on the phone that there was a guy taking photos of his dog. Then he started making a video of me while I was taking photos of his dog.

Shot on iPhone

Apple has a set of ads: “Shot on iPhone”. The problem is that when people make photos on their iPhone/SmartPhone, they don’t get similar results. It’s mostly because of:

  • The fine print that says: Additional equipment and software used (my emphasis)
  • Most of these photos are taken not only by professional photographers, but theses photographers have a full crew for the light and the sound system.

What kind of additional equipment would they be using?

  • A real cinema lens with a clip-on mount that sits on top of the existing lens. It significantly improves the quality of the images and can costs thousandS of dollars (depending on which one).
  • A follow focus system for the cinema lens that also cost in the thousand dollar range.
  • An external recorder to record the video in full resolution/color 4:2:2 like an Atomos that happens to be also in the thousand dollar range plus the memory cards to store the videos/images.
  • A gimbal to stabilize the camera iPhone/SmartPhone when video tapping.
  • An external microphone/sound system to record the sounds.
  • An big external battery to power all the extras.
  • A cage that goes around the iPhone/SmartPhone to mount and hold all the extra equipment attached to the iPhone/SmartPhone.

Then after taking the photos and the videos, there’s all the post-processing like editing, color correction and grading…

BTW, all of this equipment is available to buy, but it’s “muchos dinaros” aka $$$.


Camera: Canon 7D ISO 250 and 1/125
Lens: Canon 70-200mm f/4 @70mm and f/6.3
Processed with Darktable:


Please note that while the story is about the guy videoing me, the area in focus of my photo is still the dog.