Pedro, the Rescue: Vancouver, BC

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mostly a chihuahua

Pedro, mostly a Chihuahua

Pedro is a Mexican rescue dog. He’s mainly a Chihuahua, a quite large Chihuahua. According to the vet, he’s between 2 and 3 years old.

A couple went to Mexico for a vacation. They saw Pedro hanging around around their vacation camp and decided to bring him back to Vancouver, BC. They kept him for a couple months. Eventually they didn’t keep him (his ‘current’ owner didn’t say why). Now Pedro has a good home. He loves small pieces of bacon, his favorite treat. He gets them almost everyday.

Pedro’s main problem is the tongue. Sometimes his tongue hangs out so much that he can trip over it ;) . Except for that, Pedro loves running around but not too far. And he’s a fantastic character.


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