Otis, the English Bulldog: Vancouver, BC

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English Bulldog

Otis, the English Bulldog, Vancouver, BC

Otis is an 8 years old English Bulldog. Great name: Otis, it even sounds English.

Otis doesn’t run, he just saunters. And like most bulldogs, he has difficulties breathing. But (there’s always a but… In this case, it’s a positive but) he’s such a nice character. As a white English Bulldog, he doesn’t seem to be affected by the congenital deafness that often afflicts white English Bulldogs.

His owner, Henry, is standing almost beside me and directing him.

Otis is a definitely an English Bulldog eager to please but… and there’s a big but. You see this huge mouth, he uses it all the time. He likes to chew. He chews on everything, furniture, clothing, anything laying on the floor around the house. He never chews while he’s on the walks.


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