Old and Still Running Around: West Vancouver, BC

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old female rhodesian ridgeback

Old Rhodesian Ridgeback Still Running Around and Enjoying it

Bee, is mostly a Rhodesian Ridgeback, but she doesn’t have the ridge. I’m not sure if B. is for a short for something or actually Bee for the colours of bees. Her owners think that she’s not a pure Rhodesian Ridgeback.

She already 11 years old (which is quite old for Rhodesian Ridgebacks) and she still loves to run around. On her collar, she has a little trinket that is both a small bell and an iPhone tracking device.

She runs and often goes into the bushes or the woods. So her owners have to search for her and it’s easier to find her with the little jingling bell. What about the iPhone tracking device? Rosy, her owner, is always afraid that somebody would steal her, that way they can track Bee.

Rhodesian Ridgeback were bred in south Africa to hunt lions and since we don’t have lions in Canada, they need a lot of space to run around…


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