Soda, a 19 Years Old Chow: Coquitlam, BC

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19 Years Old Chow

Soda, a 19 Years Old Chow: Coquitlam, BC

Soda is a very, very old Chow. She’s 19.

By doggy standard that would make her around 130 years old. 130! That’s extremely old. She’s almost blind. She has arthritis and she has difficulty to walk.

But as all Chows, she’s stubborn. Even though, it hurts to walk, every evening she goes up the stairs to go to the bedroom with Monica. It’s takes a while to climb these stairs, it’s a struggle but she wants to go upstairs to sleep upstairs, even though she has a bed downstairs that she uses during the day.

She almost can’t see, she can’t hear anything but her nose works properly and she is very easily bribe-able.

The official name of the Chow is: Chow-Chow. Marco Polo, yes the famous Italian explorer, mentioned in his adventures that the Chows were used as war dogs and to pull heavy dog sleds.


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