15 Years Old — West Vancouver, BC

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15 years old dog on her daily walk

15 Years Old — West Vancouver, BC

Bela is 15 years old dog and she’s still going for her daily walks.

She still doing quite well, she has no problem seeing her friends and her family. The hearing has definitely declined, either she doesn’t hear the other dogs or she too tired to bark at the other dogs, but according to her owner she stopped barking at the other dogs about three years ago.

The nose works very well. She had no problem taking my beef jerky treats. I gave her a couple of petting, then she ignored me and let me take her photos.

One thing she has learned, with old age, is patience. According to her owner she was always a very impatient dog, now she puts up with having to wait for her owners to feed her, to take for walks…


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