Nose to Nose: Vancouver, BC

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Normally, it’s very bad doggy manners to go nose to nose, especially between adult dogs. Nose to nose often happens between adult dogs and puppies. But this is not what’s happening here. Here we have 2 adult dogs (the Maltese on the right and my dog on the left) and it turns out that both of them are ‘chickens’, so they are not threatening each other.

Two dogs (a Maltese and my dog) nose to nose in a non-threatening encounter

Nose to Nose: Vancouver, BC

Dog behaviorists suspect/claim that nose touching is reserved for ‘family members’. Obviously, my dog and this Maltese are not family member, they’ve never met, but being ‘chickens’ they both understand each other.

Most of us have heard about the ‘alpha dog’, the one dominating the pack. There’s also the ‘omega dog’, aka the outcast, the rejects of the pack. They are dogs that are very weak. The dogs are afraid of … (fill in the blanks) and are not allowed to participate into the activities of the pack aka the chicken.