Mr Mischief: Vancouver, BC

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9 years old bulldog mix

Mr. Mischief: A 9 Years Old Bulldog Mix

This is Mr. Mischief. He’s a 9 year old bulldog mix and he deserves his name. He had another name when they got him, but his name quickly changed to Mr. Mischief. As all good bulldogs, Mr Mischief is very stubborn.

If he can get into something, he will. Even if can’t get into something, somehow he will still find a way. The way mostly involves using either force or chewing. The real problem, for Mr Mischief, is how to get out… He’s been trapped into almost everything.

He’s been trapped in garbage cans, in bathrooms, even in the toilets. Also, he eats paper. Once, he even ate a cheque!

Pizza boxes are a favourite. Nothing will stand between Mr Mischief and a pizza box. Locked doors mean nothing to him, he will bite and destroy it until he can get to…

I’m not sure that he would win the gold medal but he surely qualifies for more than an honourable mention.


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